Fascination No 11 August 1996

Fascination No 11 August 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 52 Pages | 79 MB

Fascination No 11 Porn Magazine PDF From 90s Featuring Trudi Milada Shaving Fun, plus more… Pure Porno Pleasure From Color Climax

Anita loved her job as a photographer. Her clients were wild about her work, and it gave her the chance to meet lots of lovely female models. Girls like Hilde, for example. She was on the dikey side, and Anita was wild about her. Hilde had nothing against mixing business with pleasure… One morning, she dropped in at the studio to do some test shots for a new sexy underwear catalogue… Soon, Anita began to show a very “unprofessional” interest…

“It’s a good thing you brought your ‘arsenal’, Lisbeth!” Anita laughed as the three of them lay on the bed where Hilde should have been posing. “I never go unarmed, darling!” Lisbeth replied as they all began to frigg themselves. The air was filled with groans of passion and ecstasy – not to mention the aroma of hot pussies. It was orgasms unlimited – and the start of a new triangle of lust…

The guy who wrote “I Love Paris” must have had his reasons. I love the “City of Light” too, because it was there I met Bernadette, the sexiest chick I have ever had the pleasure of fucking! We had a lot in common, including a taste for cream-cakes. We bought three boxes, but when we got back to her…


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