Eyeful Volume 07 No 06 June 1951

Eyeful Volume 07 No 06 June 1951

Eyeful Volume 07 No 06 June 1951
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Eyeful Volume 07 No 06 is published bi-monthly by Eyeful Magazine, Inc., 201 West 52nd Street, New York, N. Y. Copyright 1951 by Eyeful Magazine, Inc. All rights reserved by Eyeful Magazine, Inc. All material submitted will be given careful attention, but such material must be accompanied by sufficient postage for return and is submitted at the author’s risk. Printed in U.S.A.

THE BONOMO RITUAL for Beautifying the Bust Contour is aimed to help the otherwise lovely ‘Marys’ with unsatisfactory Bust Contour who, through prescribed exercise, diet, correct posture and support, may be able to improve the handicap of unappealing figure lines.

Improved, fully revised, the BONOMO RITUAL, through the simple Photo-Instructor Method, shows how to apply, in the privacy of your home, the prescribed techniques which may mean the difference between loneliness and thrilling, romantic fulfillment! Formerly $2.00, this course, complete in book form, is yours for the special offer price of — only $1.00. MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE!

Don’t let skepticism or discouragement deny you the opportunity for happiness. Fill in the coupon be-low and mail with your remittance today. If after 30 days, you are not satisfied—for any reason—return the course for a full refund. But don’t delay. Be fair to yourself—to your future as a woman. Send for your copy NOW!


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