Eroticon Volume 01 No 03 February 1980

Eroticon Volume 01 No 03 February 1980

Eroticon Volume 01 No 03 Vintage PDF XXX Magazine The Ultimate In Eroticism. All Pages In High Class Colour. Exclusive Britt The Fallen Angel, Body Language And More …

The incestuous love has inspired Nina to unbelievable heights. As a greedy whore she sucks his toes and licks his feet. Who is the oriental lover that has taught her all her tricks? Karl would get jealous if he knew. But he has now found the way between Sofie’s spread legs and with a groan he lets her cunt envelope his prick.

The cousin from the country is not all that experienced and she feels scared looking at the enormous cock halfway inside her. She tries to escape but Nina holds her and tortures her clit with a vibrator, as Karl takes care of her lower erogene zones. To be fair Karl lets his juices flow over both girls. “If I only had a brother” Sofie thinks, but consoles herself thinking that her father is not too bad either.

While she is being photographed she tells us about her life. “Before I loved to dress up and stand in front of the mirror. At last my dad thought it would be best to put me in ballet school. I have always loved the smell of sweat and the costumes. Not to talk about all the mirrors in our training room. The teachers were very strict and if one did not do well they spanked you on the behind.”

Eroticon Volume 01 No 03 February 1980
English, German, French | PDF | 64 Pages | 111 MB


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