Erotic Gold No 06 June 1996

Erotic Gold No 06 June 1996

Erotic Gold No 06 June 1996
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 68 Pages | 71 MB

Erotic Gold No 06 Color Climax Girl Crazy, plus more… High class photography plus hot juicy girls, learning about love & lust. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Barbara, Sheila Princess and Patricia in The Sexy Party, first published in Color Climax No° 144
Viviana as Louise, possibly first published in Sexy Girls No° 59
Megan Leigh in Girl Crazy, first published in Exciting No° 50
Rose in Erotic Rose, first published in Blue Climax No° 42 as Lady Lust
Busty Luster with Trinity Loren, first published in Color Climax No° 154

Eddy – or “Fast Eddy”, as he was known to his friends – was determined that his birthday celebration was going to end up as a wild sex party. He got his nick-name because he got right to the point, and it did not take him long to suggest an orgy to his guests – who were all for the idea! “Your nick-name really…

Louise’s biggest thrill is to visit one of the casinos on the French Riviera, where she acts as a lucky charm for any gambler who is for-tunate enough to have her…

Al owned a dry-cleaning shop in L.A. The business had no delivery service, but whe-never a pretty girl showed up, he always made an exception. Like the day he took Anna’s curtains back to her apartment. She invited him in and asked him to take them into her bedroom. And when she began to hang them, Al made his move…

Rose was quite a drinker, but coming from Dortmund – the town that is famous for its beer – that wasn’t surprising. Ale on the other hand, was not her favourite brew. She pre-ferred cocktails, in company with other boozers, as long as they could hold their liquor… One Monday evening, Rose…

suburbs. thought that it was time to spring clean her stylish little house in the San Francisco suburbs. She thought it would be a good idea to get the living room ceiling painted at the same time, and called a man to do the job. As she took him upstairs, she could feel that he was eyeing her intensely. It gave her quite a thrill to think of him mentally undressing her…


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