Erotic Dreams 1975

Erotic Dreams: Commercial Channel (1975)

Erotic Dreams (1975)
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Erotic Dreams Vintage Black And White Pages Magazine Published By Top Seller Ltd., London

NOREEN stormed around her apartment in a rage. Practically everything had gone wrong that day. From the moment she had got out of bed nothing but disaster all the way. It had been what she would call a Black Monday. Chaos and confusion at the office where she worked; rained constantly so that she had been soaked getting to her place of employment, and again on the way back home; and now that she had settled down for a bit of peace and quiet in front of the television, even that had decided to give up. At least it had on the commercial channel, which was showing a film she particularly wanted to see.

Unwilling to admit complete defeat, and retire to bed, Noreen continued to fight her Black Monday to the bitter end. The television set was on hire; there was supposed to be a 24-hour service in operation. She didn’t believe it would work, not on a wet Monday evening, but she picked up the ‘phone. To her surprise she was told an engineer would be calling within the hour. While she waited, quite prepared for nothing to happen, Noreen got on the ‘phone again, this time to her current boy-friend. In keeping with the entire day, his number was engaged for an interminable period.

When she did eventually get through he was off-hand, non-cooperative, and gave the impression of being pre-occupied with anything but her. She eventually slammed the receiver back, thinking that Derek’s attitude was typical of the whole dreary non-event which was Monday. She also decided it was time she found herself another boy-friend. She had been making all the running so far, and was beginning to suspect that the candle wasn’t worth the light. It wasn’t until Nigel walked through the door that Noreen began to think her frustrations might have come to an end. Not that she knew the engineer’s


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