Electric Black & Blue No 11 (1993)

Electric Black & Blue No 11 (1993)

Electric Black & Blue No 11 (1993)
English | PDF | 132 Pages | 234 MB

Electric Black & Blue No 11 Including Beautiful dark GINA looks exquisite in black lace undies & sussies… big, firm boobs & an arse no red-bloodied male can pass! Dancing, stripping & writhing on her bet. let her unlock your darkest fantasies!

Donna Ambrose as Donna Scans 3, 14, 73 – 82
Antonia L’More as Antonia Scans 121 – 124

Inside Magazine You Will Read:
Dear Suzie, I still love my husband madly, though there’s no denying our sex life has lost some of its sparkle. I’ve tried any number of things to resuscitate it -from porn videos to wearing black stockings and thigh boots – with varying degrees of success. Anyway, one night recently Tony and I sat down to talk things over and I asked him if there was anything I could do do turn him on and make him happy – as happy as we were in the early days of our marriage. When he said he liked the idea of watching me have sex with a black guy, I was stunned.

The way I saw it, it was the beginning of the end. Don’t ask me why, but I went ahead with this crazy scheme. Frankly, the last thing on earth I wanted was to prostitute myself in front of my husband, but like I say, I’m crazy about the guy – all that matters to me is his happiness and sexual satisfaction. The “other man” was a car dealer from the Romford Road, kind of a part-time Rasta with a bad, bad reputation among women, locally. He was a good looking guy, for sure, but a ladies’ man and a bastard through and through.

Mercifully, I was drunk when Earl arrived at the house that fateful night. Tony gave him a couple of Super Lagers to loosen him up, and when he (Earl) went upstairs for a leak, I quickly stripped down to my white stockings and suspender belt. “She’s ready for you, mate,” said my husband, when Earl returned to …


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