Eega Beeva Volume 01 No 03

Eega Beeva Volume 01 No 03

Eega Beeva Volume 01 No 03
English | PDF | 64 Pages | 8.5 MB

Eega Beeva Volume 01 No 03 Vintage PDF Magazine From 70s Published By Roydock Books, London For Adults Only

Helga is an art student, and from what I can gather, a very good art student. She was training at one of the large schools in Munich when she met Robert. who was attending the same school for the summer only. They met one warm summers day in the gardens a joining the school, Helga was sketching, and Robert, being of a natural nosey disposition paused to watch her.

He was surprised at the quality of the work and told her so. And so began a love affair that lasted all the summer. He had a small flat not far away, so when he invited her back for coffee, she readily agreed. It was cosy, nicely furnished, the centre of attraction being a huge double bed that ran the entire length of one wall. They sat drinking coffee and listening to records, happily they had the same tastes, and Robert’s large collection of Sinatra went down particularly well.

Now if the girl is receptive and in the mood, there is something about a Sinatra L.P. that is devastating, and Helga was receptive. As they sat on the edge of the bed and listened to the romantic sad voice, she could feel her-self falling into an euphoric trance, and when Robert …


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