Duke April 1968

Duke Volume 01 No 07 April 1968

Duke Volume 01 No 07 April 1968
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 33 MB

Duke Volume 01 No 07 April 1968 Vintage Erotic PDF Magazine Featuring:
Teaching Your Pussycat New Tricks
Coldfinger And The Underwater Sex Orgy
Venus In Furs: Hottest Book, Banned Until Now
She Does It For Kicks

4 The Royal Box
6 She Does it for Kicks-Wanda, The Willing Wanton
8 Teach Your Pussy cat New Tricks
10 The Plum in the Golden Vase
12 Sacher-Masoch: Author of the Issue
14 Coldfinger & the Underwater Sex Orgy
16 A Jug of Wine and-Pow!
18 Latest Art Film
22 Twice Upon a Midnight Dreary
24 Sarah: Age of Innocence
30 Sherry in the Springtime
32 Hip Square
42 Flower Girl
44 Salute to Rodin
47 Pussy Katz
54 Eyes on Elsa

Nobody likes to come home at the end of a hard day to an empty house or apartment, and having a pet can provide excellent company. Dogs, goldfish, and canaries are all possibilities, but somehow the thought of having a real flesh and blood pussycat waiting for you is a little more exciting. A pussycat, for those who haven’t heard, is a special breed of girl—the kind who purrs when she sees you and likes nothing better than to be playful.

During the day pussycats can disguise themselves as anything from airline stewardesses to librarians, but in the evening and on weekends you can spot them by their walk that invites you to prowl along with them and their Cheshire cat grin when they catch you staring.


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