Dream Lovers No 13 December 1988

Dream Lovers No 13 December 1988

Dream Lovers No 13 December 1988 (Silwa)
English, German, French, Dutch, Swedish | PDF | 68 Pages | 37 MB

Dream Lovers No 13 December 1988 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF From Silwa Including Super Sex, Secrets And More …

When her horny cunt is itching, Gaby, the nymphomaniac doesn’t have any inhibitions. She gets hold of the first guy that comes close her, and she really gives him the works…

Once Gaby’s wet cunt lips have clutched at a pole, he has to give it all. The prick becomes harder and harder, bigger and bigger. He’s nearly about to explode. But before Gaby wants to let him come off she needs more of the randy strokes …

I’m nearly always naked under my tight little skirt. And when I see a cock, then, my well-trained cunt starts to ooze with hot juices. But please don’t tell it anyone, there are already too many who know about it.

Another secret of mine is that I get off on sexy underwear. Most of all I’m into lace and suspender belts. When someone has a present like this for me he can fuck me until I go bonkers, he can do with my cunt as he pleases. But that’s between ourselves!


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