Dr. Ruthless (1988)

Dr. Ruthless 1988 PDF Porn Magazine. As is often the case with Lyndon/HOM magazines, this is a companion to the movie of the same title.

Deep in an abandoned marital aid factory not too far from a large metropolitan campus, DR. RUTHLESS, our deliciously evil protagonist, and MONGO, her equally evil assistant, are checking every last strap and snap of their experimental apparatus. The Great Scientific Quest is about to begin. . . . The Good Doctor, full of her own scientific zeal and not a wee bit of V.S.O.P. Cognac, the preferred drink of sexual scientists, is satisfied. “Enough!” she cries, ” All is prepared! We are all through with cold equipment and dull data.

The time for abstraction is at an end. Theory is fine as far as theory goes, but now, my faithful Mongo, the time has come for action! Now, we need to put aside the dreary predictability of our lab rats and rabbits . . . and find ourselves some nice, plump, juicy guinea pigs of a more … responsive kind!” Mongo, a fearsomely be-ringed woman of indeterminate desires, agrees, drooling slightly in the classic manner of warped assistants to mad scientists the ages over, “Yes, Mistress! Yes! I put out the’bait’ this morning!”

Dr. Ruthless (1988)
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 120 MB


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