Double Top Volume 01 No 01 (1971)

Double Top Volume 01 No 01 (1971)

Double Top Volume 01 No 01 (1971)
English | PDF | 64 Pages | 10 MB

Double Top Volume 01 No 01 Vintage Porno PDF Magazine From 70s Featuring Gypsy Love, Teach Me To Ride, Gypsy Conquest, I Want To Be Naked With You

Penny stirred and her eyelids flickered, through the haze of her semi-conscious state she gradually constructed the features and figure of the person bending over her on the chaise lounge in the morning room. All she could remember was the excitement of riding Bruno, her father’s chestnut stallion, along the banks of the river, feeling that strong muscular back surging and undulating beneath her buttocks, rolling the muscles on the inside of her thighs.

The sheer rhythm of the ride was enough to excite her but when she grew aware of movement between her legs her pleasure soared to new heights and her euphoria made her careless Bruno refused at a small ditch which ran into the river, and over she went ; silk stockinged legs flailing the air as she cartwheeled het path to the opposite bank. But who then was this strange and rather wild girl who was kneeling over her on the couch ?

“My real name is Rosalee” piped the strange girl … “but you can call me Rosa.” As she spoke the dark skinned Rosa moved across Penny’s reclining body, “Jesus Christ . ” hissed Penny under her breath as she glimpsed a whisp of dark brown downy hair between her thighs, just visible beneath the waist band of the heavily embroidered jerkin that Rosa was wearing.


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