Double 40's No 01 (1987)

Double 40’s No 01 (1987)

Double 40’s No 01 (1987)
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 73 MB

Double 40’s Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Including Beautiful & Big, Heaving & Hot, Pleasure Chests

Note From Original Scanner: Although there is no information within the magazine of who the publisher is, or year of publication, there is an advert for the movie Phone Sex Girls 2, and this was released in 1987, so it’s odds on the magazine was published the same year

Featuring Models:
Jane Peters (FTF) Cover & Scans 3, 25, 36 – 47
Scans 26-34 Big and Beautiful Cherrine

When I shake them hard the boys start howling like a horny hyena with a hard-on. I love it and I give them another wiggle just to make sure that those cocks will be as hard as a rock. Soon I will be reaching into those pants and dragging out that dong.

My mouth will be watering and my eyes will be misty but I will still be able to get down on my knees at the right moment and suck on that delicious dick. Nothing will keep me very long from all that hot meat. Usually I don’t get the opportunity to do what I want, however.

If a guy has been on my trail for the last half hour I know he wants to take over my pair of whoppers as fast as possible. By that time my tits are on fire any-way and the only thing that will cool them down is lots of male saliva. Jealous friends are my big obstacle.

They are always circulating hateful gossip to trip me up. All of a sudden I have a terrible disease or some other nonsense and the guys are momentarily stymied. They don’t stay away for long, however, because my pair of super tits are something to fight about. So what if I do have the Black Hague, sucking on those hot tits of mine might cure me in a second.


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