Dippin For Pearls (1995)

Dippin For Pearls (1995)

Dippin For Pearls (1995) (Magazine & Loop)
English | PDF/AVI | 32 Pages/12 Mins | 194 MB

Put out as Dippin For Pearls by Ultracolor this magazine was originally American Erotica 154 and has been re-released also as In The Pink and as Dick Layer. It is the film review for the 8mm loop Danish Erotica 9 Breakfast In Bed and starring a Mystery Box blonde. Inevitably there are probably a couple pages missing from the layout that were present in the original American Erotica release because Ultracolor adds advertisements and crap front and back cover images.

1995 by Ultracolor Publications, all rights reserved. All models are 18 years of age or older. Any similarity between real persons and characters depicted in fiction or semi-fiction herin is purely coincidental. This product and all graphical materials associated with it are exempt from the requirements of 18 U.S.C. section 2257 because all visual depictions of sexually explicit conduct appearing therein were made before July 3, 1995.

What goes through the mind of a nude model, as she poses in front of strange men… stark naked? A beautiful girl disrobes, then removes her bra and panties, as a photographer, his assistant, a make-up man and hair-stylist, and maybe even the art director of a fashion or men’s magazine all look on. What are the girl’s thoughts as all these men gape at her, some sprouting hard-ons that tent out the front of their ants?


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