Diamond Collection No 01 March 1979

Diamond Collection No 01 March 1979

Diamond Collection No 01 March 1979 Featuring Fast & Furious (Sindee Moore, Don Fernando), Bunny & The Rabbit (uwf, Don Fernando), Hair Freak (Sharon Kane, King Paul), Hong Kong Dong (China Leigh, John Leslie), Look Of Love (Elaine Wells, Blair Harris)

Ted gets off on sucking toes and tits, but, who could resist those huge voluptous breasts? Ted loves the way Pat sucks him off while playing with his balls. He does a dynamite job of licking, sucking and fucking her cunt. The best is when they both shoot their loads while ass fucking. They never seem to have enough holes to play with.

“Stop,” she screamed, but he had started fucking and couldn’t stop! Her huge tits and lovely tight cunt made him into an animal, a combination tiger and rabbit. In the mouth, in the cunt, he fucked until she was begging for mercy and then he fucked her some more, and she loved every creamy moment of it.

Entranced by the sensuality of her beautiful hair, a black man caresses his woman’s locks and her breasts until she begins fellating his big cock and running her hair over the erection. After furious loving, he penetrates her from the rear and ejaculates on her back and in her mouth.

Diamond Collection No 01 March 1979
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