D-Cup March 1994

D-Cup March 1994

D-Cup March 1994
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D-Cup March 1994 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Featuring Covergirl Dixie Bubbles
More Candy Cantaloupes & Her Juicy, Sun-Ripened Melons
85MMM Lulu Divine Takes It Between Her Milky White Jumbos!
Tit Team “DD” Class Of 1994!
Erika Everest interviewed by Bobby Paradise
Sexy Pix Of Big Bouncing Beauties!

3 THE WORLD OF D-CUP Introduction On our seventh anniversary lite continues to be a dripping-pink tit show!
6 TIT TALK Photo Feature Letters to D-CUP!
8 MORE CANDY CANTALOUPES Pictorial Talk about juicy, sun-ripened melons!
16 BIG BOOB BEAT Photo Feature The great centerspread that never was!
18 BRIGITTE Dutch Treat Pictorial
26 THE ERIKA EVEREST INTERVIEW, PART I Photo Feature A portrait of the dancer as a young jugstar!
30 DIXIE BUBBLES Pictorial Nude, oiled and horny!
38 A DUSTMAN’S HOLIDAY Fiction The next breast thing!
52 QUEEN GAZONGA Humor The Fuckative!
54 SAMANTHA Pictorial Hey mate, wanna shag á glamour bird?
92 LULU DIVINE Pictorial Fucking the Jugbeast!


in this world of hardcore, dripping- pink titshows, one tends to overlook the erotic power of the printed word. That’s why, or this seventh anniversary issue, we’d like to turn your attention to a venerable D-CUP tradition—The Interview. These in-depth, three-dimensional portraits of the models, we’re told, are often more sexually revealing than the pictorials themselves. The girls open up in a way that’s hotter than the wettest closeup imaginable. If you doubt this, we suggest you check out any of the following interviews: Nilli (May ’92), Lynn LeMay (July ’92), Letha Weapons (November ’92), Wendy Whoppers (December ’92), Deena Duo (March ’93), or Candy Cantaloupes (May and June ’93). (Candy’s pictorial also appears in this issue.) What these women have to say about their lives is outrageous, fascinating, and kinky.
This month we begin a three-part interview with Erika Everest. Erika first appeared here in November ’93 and has since become one of the brightest stars in the D-CUP galaxy. (As we go to tv press, we’ve learned she’s appearing on The Jane Whitney Show.) Check out her incredible story in “A Portrait of the Dancer as a Young Jugstar.” Lynden Bust Johnson, Mickey Mounds, Honey Hills and Veronica Brazil are four other jugstars who’ve made their mark recently. They’ve done it by tit-fucking, they’ve done it by sucking pussy, they’ve done it by sucking cock, and they’ve done it by radiating sheer sexual heat. Now, in one astonishing pictorial, these Fab Four are together as The Tit Team—Class of ’94. High school was never like this!
Lulu Divine, whose milky-white jumbos are forever burned into our memory, has, for this lucky seventh anniversary, at last chosen to do something she’d sworn she’d never do—get publicly fucked. It’s quite remarkable to witness her mouth, cunt, and the cleavage of her 85 MMM’s being ravaged by a stud who calls himself Dick Nasty. A word to the wise, Lulu: Never say never.
Brigitte, a beautiful Dutch blonde, is making her debut this issue. “My lovers adore my all-natural breasts,” she tells us. One look and you’ll understand why.
Samantha, a lovely, all-natural British “glamour bird” chooses to tantalize us with her creamy skin and tempting lingerie.
Finally, our gorgeous, well-oiled cover girl Dixie Bubbles is lying by the pool, playing with her tits and pussy until she erupts in an explosive climax.
It’s quite a lineup, and we’re glad you could join us for another anniversary.


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