Cum Coated Lips Insatiables No 16 (1970)

Cum Coated Lips Insatiables No 16 (1970)

Cum Coated Lips Insatiables No 16
English | PDF | 72 Pages | 188 MB

The Insatiables 16 1970 An All Color Gourmet Edition Cum Coated Lips Featuring Cover Page (featuring Patti Simmons aka Purity) and Back Cover (featuring Brooke Bennett) and Suckmouth Actress Brooke Bennett

My van is more than just a vehicle, it’s a motel room on wheels. I don’t fuck any of my regular boyfriends in the van. It’s reserved exclusively for on-the-spot pick ups. I can never resist a quickie if a guy looks like hot sex.

The way I dress and my willingness to flirt let men know I’m available. Since Hike getting laid, I don’t play hard to get. I had to invite Dave home. His dick was the biggest, hardest piece I’d wrapped my lips around in months. I wasn’t letting him go till I drained his pud.

He knew just how to play with my tits, just how to press my head into his groin while I was sucking him. His smooth knob reached all the way down my throat. My quick tongue swabbed it vigorously.
My clit went into spasms when Dave turned me upside down.

He pumped his cock into me hard. The blood rushed to my head. My orgasm went rippling wildly through my meat-stuffed cunt. The hot juice bathed my fingers and coated his thrusting shaft. The more he rammed his fuckpole in, the thicker my cum gushed. My swollen bud throbbed madly as my wet hole gripped his prick.

Dave was a real twat jockey He knew al the tricks smart men use to get chicks off more than once. Fingerfuck-ing my asshole was one of them. That trick combined with his cock up my cunt had made my clit go off again. He continued to stimulate me all the while I sucked his cock. He teased my cum soaked pubic hair with tender fingertips as he pushed my head down on his spurting dick.


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