Creme No 03 (1980)

Creme No 03 (1980)

Creme No 03 (1980)
English, German, French | PDF | 64 Pages | 102 MB

Creme No 03 (1980) From Distra Boutique Featuring Models Like Laurie Landers/Rick Toole/ “Miranda” (Hustler 1980)/Ron Jeremy/ Lily Rodgers Vintage Porn PDF Magazine

They tossed a coin to see who would get her ass. Russ won. Andy wasn’t too disappointed, since he wanted a crack at her cunt anyway. Andy lay flat on his back and told her to mount him. She did so reluctantly, throwing Russ worried looks over her shoulder. Slowly she lowered her wet pussy down onto Andy’s erect cock. It slipped in up to the roots and she settled down on it to enjoy the ride.

Russ had gone into the ad joining bathroom to get something to lubricate her ass with. He stood in the doorway watching them for a few minutes. The woman was humping his friend skillfully, and evidently, with a great deal of enjoyment. Andy’s hands roamed over her smooth flesh, especially her delectable ass, which pitched and swayed when he touched it.

Russ went to the bed and planted himself be-tween the two pairs of legs. Andy removed his hands from her ass and put them on her tits. When he pinched the nipples, she groaned encouragement. Russ began to apply a thick, scented oil to her wrinkled ass crack. The twin hemispheres of her ass were perfectly round and irresistibly inviting. He spread her ass cheeks with his fingers.

Her pink hole looked very tight. He inserted a finger. She moaned and nipped at it with her ass muscles. Russ finger-fucked her asshole slowly for several minutes. She was grinding against Andy’s belly with intense concentration. “You want something else up your ass baby?” Russ whispered. “It’s too tight”” she cried, as much in frustration as protest.


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