Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 09 (1958)

Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 09 (1958)

Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 09 (1958)
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Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 09 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 50s Black And White Pages Published By Universal Publicity, London

BRIGITTE GOES TO WAR Bardot in uniform ? Unlikely, but true. In her next film, Babette Goes To War, Brigitte Bardot plays a parachutist who joins a Resistance party in London, and makes daring raids on the enemy in occupied France. France’s National Vamp will use a gun as expertly as a seasoned soldier, and the role gives her a completely different screen personality. Her shrewd producer, Raoul Levy, has already coined a phrase to describe the Brigitte-Babette experiment — ” B.B. Dynamite.”

THE HUMP A friend was telling Brigitte Bardot about a new starlet who has ambitions of ousting her, simply because the starlet’s bust measurement is a couple of inches bigger. ” She has been saying that Rene Clair himself told her that she is bound to be a success. Apparently, the first time he saw her, he is reputed to have said, ” You are going to do well ! Your hump of talent is as well developed as your hump of sex appeal ! ” Rapped back Mlle. Bardot sharply, ” I know Rene Clair : he is a very gallant gentleman. He just didn’t want to tell her brutally that she is a camel ! ”

M.M. TO FOLLOW B.B. ? A cigarette girl, seen fleetingly in a new film, Oh Que Mambo, has the initials M.M., and has for some time been Brigitte Bardot’s double. But the lovely stand-in is trying to make a personal career for herself on-screen. So far, she has made three films, and is hoping that being B.B.’s stand-in will bring her luck. Meanwhile, Bardot has given her permission to wear in Oh Que Mambo the costume B.B. wore in Ceue Sacree Gamine, and has asked her to be bridesmaid at the Bardot-Distel wedding .. .


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