Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 08 (1958)

Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 08 (1958)

Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 08 (1958)
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In This Edition Of Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 08 Vintage Magazine:
Pages 3 to 5. Some very attractive studies by The Art Studio Club of who sends all our readers her very best wishes from the she is now living—happily married.
Pages 7 to 10. A selection of beautiful photographs sent to us from
Page 12. Ulla, an attractive model from Germany, who visited was over here.
Pages 13-19. A nice series sent to us from France.
Page 21. Speaks for itself.
Pages 22 and 23. Brigitte, a lovely model new to this country—of French descent.
Pages 24-27. Brenda, a charming girl who, apart from modelling, assistant at a petrol station and drives her own car.
Pages 28-30. Attractive outdoor shots from Sweden.
Page 32. Violetta from France. Fiona Wilson States, where Japan. us when she and Austrian works as an …

Our French blonde bombshell, Martine Carol, is with us again—back from a long trip abroad where she has been recovering from nervous strain, complications in her private life and the trouble resulting from dislocating her spine during her last film. Radiant, tanned, and obviously on top of the world, Martine is discussing a film, The Last Judgment, with Vittorio de Sica, to be made in the summer, and she will be starting work on the new Nadialie in February. Meanwhile, seeing the town, Martine has followed the fashion for wigs : she has three—one dark and bouffant ; one red and classical ; one blonde and simple : recently she wore a different one on three successive evenings. This is the sort of thing that could get a regular escort thinking he had had too much wine ! . .


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