Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 07

Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 07 (1958)

Continental Kuties Volume 01 No 07 (1958)
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This month my letter is rather a” social ” one, for the three most out-standing events of the Paris season have all been film occasions ! First, the widely reported ” Night of the Thousand and once most beautiful women,” which marked the glittering opening night of Michele Morgan’s new picture, Le Miroir a Dear Faces (Two Faced Mirror).

This is the film for which Mlle. Morgan was ” made ugly,” to play the role of a charming but plain woman whose life is changed when she undergoes plastic surgery. The second important event : the opening in Paris of a special season of Jean Renoir’s La Grande Illusion, which was recently named among the ” six best films in the world,” at Brussels. La Grande Illusion is just twenty-one years old, which may not be much for a man, but for a film is a ripe age indeed.

Renoir’s master piece to-day is as fresh as new, and there are queues every day of people waiting to see it, and pay tribute to a truly great film maker. Finally, Marcel Came’s Les Tricheurs (The Cheats) was seen at last. Came had given us plenty of advance news about this film. ” Don’t imagine,” he warned, ” that the people in my story arc representative of French youth.” He warned us against being too hard on his characters who are ” more to be pitied.”

What he had not led us to expect was a stunning portrait of a generation; a modern Romeo and Juliet story that is startlingly and superbly interpreted. Everyone in Paris is wild about the film, and I am sure that it will have the same reception everywhere else. Meanwhile, to hearten you, it has been raining in Paris—steadily ! And no café table can compete with the elements.
See you next month.


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