Color Climax No 97 May 1978

Color Climax No 97 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine From 80s Including A Chambermaid’s Diary, Featuring Christina, Dorrit, Karin & Uschi.

It’s by no means only petty things that one is called upon to do, when one is employed as a maid, for a “bachelor of quality”, as Joan will tell you. But as a rule she only confides in her diary: Last night Ken was in town with a couple of friends. As usual he turned up later with three very fine girls, who he and his drinking-mates, had picked up in one of the exclusive night-clubs. Ken is an expert at finding “willing” girls because he’s not afraid to throw his money around, and he is also good looking!

When Ken comes home drunk with his friends, I know after working for him for quite some time, exactly what will happen. There’s no hurry — everyone takes it easy while I pour out the champagne. Then they sit and talk for a while and attempt to bring the conversation around to sex. The girls are well aware of the fact, that it’s not for the sake of their blue eyes that they’ve been invited home. Certainly they don’t hide the fact that they’re ready for whatever happens!

Color Climax No 97 May 1978
English, German, French | PDF | 64 Pages | 48 MB


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