Color Climax No 87 April 1978

Color Climax No 87 April 1978

Color Climax No 87 April 1978
English, German, French | PDF | 64 Pages | 30 MB

Color Climax No 87 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF Including: First Night, The Biggest Day In Her Life, Golfing Games And More …

I suppose that I ought to say, from the start, that I really don’t have that much faith in fortune tellers and such like! It was my friend Ellen who persuaded me to go along with her to Madame Rachel Schmulstein. a woman renowned for her cystal-ball talents. I must admit that I was stunned to hear a few truths about my character and nature! “You have lesbian tendencies. my dear,” she said looking lovingly into my eyes. And she was right! She took my hand Into hers and caressed my fingertips softly. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her own dark irises and my heart started to pump wildly while my nipples stiffened like an erect penis!

My suspicions as to her own inclinations were aroused still further a few seconds later. as she began to caress my hand in its entirety – her dark eyes appeared to lighten and she started at me lustfully. Suddenly a latin beauty appeared. carrying a tray of drinks. “My assistant, Carmen.’ said Madame Schmulstein, introducing the girl. Al-though the drinks looked weird. they tasted fine. in a funny per-fumed sort of way. Certainly they were very strong but they didn’t have the same effect as alcohol. We felt as though we were in a kind of trance: we floated gently to the sound of soft music and dimmed lights. not realising what was happening to us!


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