Color Climax No 82 (1975)

Color Climax No 82 (1975)

Color Climax No 82 (1975)
English, German | PDF | 56 Pages | 54 MB

Color Climax No 82 (1975) Retro Porn PDF Magazine. Pornography In Color. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

While Gitte was enjoying herself with those two virile men, Madame Nicole kept herself busy in the lobby. She was welcoming one of the regular customers, Ursula, who was married to an ambitious executive in a ministry. Ursula smiled, “I feel an urge to do it with three men this time,” she said. “That will be 75 pounds,” said Madame. Madame fetched the three men that Ursula pointed out, and said, “I think you know Finn and Tim, but Robert here is a newcomer.” The new employee in this lustful haven of love was a handsome and muscular man.

In the adjoining room, Ursula and her three hand-picked men were enjoying themselves. “Do whatever you want,” she said, “I want the works!” It was a terrific, out-of-this-world feeling having Robert’s and Finn’s tongues titillating her smooth, flaring cuntlips, while she vehemently sucked the throbbing length of Tim’s fat charger.

Linda was licking away at the big rubber prick, in order that it might easier slide in and out of Susan’s tight cunt. “What a terrific hard-on,” Linda moaned, imagining that she was sucking at her husband’s swelling cock. While the hot juices from Susan’s cunt were trickling all over Linda’s lips, she was gone in a dream that it was loads of sticky spunk from her husband’s cuck, running into her mouth.


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