Color Climax No 53 (1976)

Color Climax No 53 (1976)
English, German | PDF | 36 Pages | 19 MB

Color Climax No 53 Vintage Porn Magazine PDF. Pornography In Color. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

We stopped for two days at Brussels and almost stayed there for one more day. The reason was that Lena made a con-quest. It happened on a Sunday when we were strolling down the streets, having left the car at the hotel. Lena was complaining that her feet were sore. “I wish I’d bought those Bally shoes I saw in Copenhagen,” she said. “The heels on these sandals arc too low. I feel much more comfortable in high heels.”

At that moment I caught sight of a shoe shop in the Rue Max Albert … and there was a light on in the shop. “Perhaps it’s open,” I said. “Let’s go and sec. We can’t have you walking about in shoes that hurt you.” We were lucky. When I knocked, a young woman came rushing to let us in. Apparently she could see that we were tourists because she spoke to us in English right away.

I explained to her what we wanted. While Lena sat down in a chair, mademoiselle Yvette fetched some boxes. She sat down on a low stool before Lena and while they were trying and discus-sing the shoes, I took a closer look at the young proprietor. The legend on the window said “Chaussures d’Yvette” and she had affirmed that she was Yvette. A slim, dark-haired and shingled girl of twenty-five, at the most, with piquant looks.

A sharp contrast to Lena, I thought. The two of them naked in a bed! Well, one’s imagination is easily stimulated after a good night’s sleep and an excellent dinner when you have as hot and juicy a piece of goods as Lena for your bedmate. Suddenly I spotted something that gave me the definite idea that mademoiselle wasn’t quite indifferent to her own sex: a small piece of mirror had been fitted into the foot rest of the stool.


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