Color Climax No 145 December 1988

Color Climax No 145 December 1988

Color Climax No 145 PDF The First, Biggest And Most Pornographic Magazine Vintage Featuring Invitation to Fuck Busty Belle, Pleasure Party Isabel Golden, Cycle Sex Susie (CeeCee Model)

When it came to getting her own way, Maria was prepared to use whatever methods she considered necessary. Sometimes. she used bribery, and on other occasions, she used her body… Maria ran a small. exclusive agency in Dusseldorf, for girls who wanted to enter beauty contests. She was determined that one of her girls should win a particular contest. and the only way she could think of helping her, was to offer the judges a sexual favour…

Despite the fact that it was “business-, Maria couldn’t help enjoying being mouth and cunt-lucked by the two men. She may have been offering her sexual favours to gain something else, but why shouldn’t she get some pleasure out of it as well?! She felt as though she was being shagged by one enormous serpent-like cock that had entered her cunny and exited through her mouth! It was a divine “sexperience’, and she could feel her arousal mounting second by second…

Color Climax No 145 December 1988
English, German, French | PDF | 100 Pages | 24 MB


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