Color Climax No 133 December 1985

Color Climax No 133 December 1985

Color Climax No 133 December 1985 Loose Ladies, Plus More. Color Climax Is The First, The Biggest And The Most Pornographic Magazine In Europe.

Collins had never made a big secret out of his sexual preference for ladies dressed in leather… Even though he wasn’t a real “S and M” man, he still loved the special kind of rough atmosphere that women encased in hide generated… When Collins met Betty, a secretary from his father’s firm. he didn’t even have to tell her how she should dress to please him…

The fact was, that Betty had heard so many rumours about her boss’s son and his special tastes in clothing, that she invested in a load of kinky gear… She wanted to surprise him with it. when he turned up at her appartment… “Wow! You look really gorgeous!” Collins exclaimed enthusiastically. “Leather really sits well on you, you should wear it all the time!” he added randily, reaching out to caress her firm, apple-like titties. Having stroked her breasts, Collins knelt down to enjoy another equally exciting part og Betty’s lovely anatomy…

Color Climax No 133 December 1985
English, German, French | PDF | 100 Pages | 30 MB


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