Color Climax No 123 August 1983

Color Climax No 123 August 1983

Color Climax No 123 August 1983
English, German, French | PDF | 96 Pages | 68 MB

Color Climax No 123 Porn PDF Magazine From 80s Cunny Money, Plus More… The First, Biggest And Most Pornographic Featuring Cunny Money is Christine Black

It was obvious that Tina’s cunt was more than security for the hundred mark note she’d removed from George’s pile of winnings! “Keep the bloody money!” he gasped as Tina went down on her knees and took his long throbbing tool in her mouth. Then in the same breath, he turned to Sanne, the barmaid… “You can earn a bit of loot too, if you fancy it!” The sight of George’s big, fat prick was enough of an inspiration to the dirty-minded girl, and the offer of money on the side as well, galvanised her into immediate randy action!

“First, I screw you!” George informed Tina hotly as she kneeled over a bar stool. “And you, Sanne,” he went on, “can have the pleasure of guiding my prick into her juicy little hole!” Sanne did as she was told, and soon the Greek gambler had his cock wetly housed in the young hostess’s accommodating quim. George was an experienced fucker, and she was soon so worked up, that she would have let him fuck her for nothing! Sometimes economic sense lost to passion…


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