Color Climax No 120 December 1982

Color Climax No 120 December 1982

Color Climax No 120 sailors delight and alpine affair, plus more… COLOR CLIMAX is the first, the biggest and the most pornographic magazine in Europe

After three months at sea – without a woman and only his hand for confort – Leo would have tucked anything that moved! He’d planned to pay a visit to the town’s red-light district to pick up a whore. But when he saw Ulla – a lady of obvious easy virtue whilst he was walking out of the docks, he knew he didn’t need to look any further for the solution to his pressingly urgent sexual noods. She was the perfect answer to his wet-dreams!

Leo was so desperate to get his aching cock planted in a nice hot, hospitable hole, that he didn’t comment when Ulla showed him into the deserted building that she used as her temporary head-quarters- He wasn’t interested in a facade of comfort or luxury – he had more pressing needs! “I’m sorry that this isn’t exactly the Ritz, darling!” Ulla apologised, “but I don’t charge Ritz prices either!” “I want lechery not luxury…!” Leo replied excitedly as Ulla reached down to stroke his cock through his pants…

Color Climax No 120 December 1982
English, German, French | PDF | 96 Pages | 145 MB


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