Color Climax No 110 November 1980

Color Climax No 110 November 1980

Color Climax No 110 From 80s Vintage Porn Magazine. ColorClimax Pornographic Magazine For Free To Download Featuring Erotic Picnic Mette, Cum With US Cherry and Anne

Although she had only met Keith that Saturday evening at a singles-bar in Boston, by the very next day, Pat was with him on one of the deserted wide open beaches of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Keith was an unkempt type, always unshaven, and with a face like a mafia goon in a third rate Hollywood gangster movie. His manners were rough, his conversation more than vulgar.

Still, Pat had allowed herself to be persuaded to join him, maybe because of his indisputable charm and irresistible cheek. And with a rather saucy gag on the beach he made it absolutely clear exactly how he intended to spend that day. The joke with the rubber cock that jumped out of a thermos-flask didn’t really impress her that much, but she was no longer green, now she had been made aware of “the rules of the game”.

If you want to fuck me, you’d better do it right! she whispered, kissing him passionately. She liked the way he pressed his stiff cock against her abdomen. He took her hand, guided her back to the beach, and laid her on the wet sand. “Suck, baby. suck!” he commanded her in his hoarse voice. He might as well have saved his breath, because his erect tool fascinated and riveted Pat in an almost magical way.

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Color Climax No 110 November 1980
English, German, French | PDF | 78 Pages | 58 MB


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