Color Climax No 107 May 1980

Color Climax No 107 PDF Porn Magazine Vintage Sun Lovers and Part Time Harem, Plus More… Color Climax Is the First, the Biggest and the Most Pornographic Magazine in Europe

“Now I can forget all about the terrible Boston climate!” thought Katharina, as she undressed and made herself comfortable in the easy chair on the veranda of her holiday villa in San Diego, whilst her boyfriend, Dean unpacked in the living room. “Remember to use lots of sun oil!” called Dean, “otherwise you’ll be in for a nasty surprise!” “You can rub it in!” she answered.

Dean found the suntan lotion and took it out to the veranda. And with a saucy grin he emptied the entire contents of the bottle over Katharina’s body. “You pig!” she shouted, as a randy smile spread over her face. “Don’t you know that sperm’s the stuff you should smother girls in?” she asked cheekily, at the same time pulling his prick out. “You’ve got fucking on the brain!” replied Dean, “But okay, if that’s the way you really want it, that’s how it’ll be … !”

Color Climax No 107 May 1980
English, German, French | PDF | 80 Pages | 167 MB


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