Color Climax Bestsellers No 11 March 1992

Color Climax Bestsellers No 11 March 1992

Color Climax Bestsellers No 11 March 1992
English, German, French, Spanish | PDF | 132 Pages | 295 MB

Color Climax Bestsellers No 11 Special Edition For Adults Only Featuring Models:
Cover & St. Tropez Orgies – Mika Barthel & Anne Karna & Anna Fischer
Please Bugger Me – Melissa Braco
Fist Fucker – Karine Hornel & Ursula Gaussmann
More Than Enough – Careena Collins (brunette; with Paul Thomas & Unknown Blonde)

Inside Stories:
The advert in the magazine Reinhard and Alvin were reading said: “Genuine nympho wants to fuck with two men!” They sent of a reply immediately with photos of their pricks and got a quick answer. When they arrived at Stella’s place, she served Champagne, to help enhance the sexual mood…

Stella pulled his organ from between her lips… “Bugger me again!” she demanded. “Deeper… deeper… don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt… I simply love it!” It was true, Stella really adored the intense friction created by a cock in her rectum. She began to massage her clitoris like a naughty teenager, and after a short time, she reached her first orgasm of the day – a really explosive climax…

“Get down on all fours, darling!” Lydia urged her. “Let me fist-fuck you doggy style!” Sadie’s pussy was so slippery that Lydia could rotate her hand in it quite easily. Sadie shuddered passionately. It felt like being penetrated by three gigantic cocks at the same time. It was more than apparent that neither of them needed their husbands at that point. Men would have been totally superfluous…

Cuthbert had a retiring nature, and Cathy had mistaken his shyness for “queerness”. In fact, she thought it was her duty to convert him to a hetero! She began to strip, much to his embarressment. The blood ran to his cheeks and prick simultaneously. He managed to hide his face, but not the bulge in his pants! “Give us a break, honey!” Cathy purred seductively. “Fuck us! You might like it!”


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