Club International UK Volume 26 No 05 (1997)

Club International UK Volume 26 No 05 (1997)

Download Club International UK Volume 26 No 05 PDF Porn Magazine Including: I Like To Suck It First, Tuck Into Sandy’s Pop Porn, If She’s A Babe She’s Nude In Club! She’s Hot, She’s Sticky & She Tastes Real Good!

HAIR PROBLEMS I am a female reader of your magazine. I really enjoy the stories and get a good orgasm out of Sandy’s exploits every month. What I want to know. though, is how do your girls get such neatly trimmed pussies without giving themselves a red blotchy crotch like a rugby player’s chin? Every time I shave down there for my boyfriend I get a shaving rash and a fortnight of itchy fanny and in-growing pubes. — Helen,
Staffs: — Good question, Helen, good question. Don’t know the answer, but its definitely a good question. I suggect you ask our mum Fitton don’t know about these things.

Fame! I wanna live forever, light up the sky like a flame… She might be Club’s reigning Girl of the Year, but 19 year old Poppy hasn’t let her success (and the eagerly awaited appearances In Club of her boobs and bum) go to her head. “I love it when people recognise me in the street,” says the honey-voiced Home Counties girl, but I get on with my life. I still go out to my local pubs and clubs and hang out …

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Club International UK Volume 26 No 05 (1997)
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