Club International UK Volume 24 No 09 (1995)

Club International UK Volume 24 No 09 (1995)

Club International UK Volume 24 No 09 (1995)
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 143 MB

Featuring Models:
Stacy Moran & Nikki Tyler on the cover but the set didn’t appear until 25-01
Jo Guest & Katie Shaw as Jo and Katie
Jenna Jameson as Jenna
Orsolya Dessy as Dee
April Summers as Cassie
Crissy / Kristina as Christine
Marianne Eggert as Mariana
Deja Scott as Julia
Sharon Mackintosh as Sharon

Talkin’ Blue:
Nicole Simmons etc

Hard Core! You Know The Score!
Every One A Winner!
Lucky & Stand Special
And More …

Featuring Stories:
What a wheeze! This month saw the launch of my new club night at a top-secret venue in central London. Every other Sunday my mates and I will subject everyone in the place to the tunes we like. It’s meant to be a laid-back affair; just a few drinks and a chat in pleasant surroundings, from six till eleven, before the working week kicks off again.

For the opening salvo I chose some smooth and gentle Mo Wax hip hop, a couple of rare groove numbers and some ska. Then it was my flatmate Tim’s turn to spin some Barry White and similar. Bootiful stuff; what Sunday is all about. And that’s the way it stayed — until about nine o’clock when the half dozen bottles of K cider kicked in and about 75 close friends and low-lifes piled through the door…

Ban bikinis! That’s Cassie’s campaign to make beaches a better place. “What’s the point of wearing three strips of material to swim in when it feels much better without?” says the 20-year-old Bournemouth babe removing her red costume. “The water rushing past my nipples and tickling my twat gives me the dirtiest daydreams when I’m sunbathing. Last time, I was being smothered in ice cream and licked clean by Brad Pitt. I opened my eyes, came to, and came too!”


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