Club International UK Volume 24 No 05 (1995)

Club International UK Volume 24 No 05 (1995)

Club International UK Volume 24 No 05 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine From 90s Featuring Yummy Big Licks! Grandi Laps It Up And Gulps It Down, Basis Wash It Up With The Mad Mancs, Fashion Issue! Undress To Impress, The Sexiest Girls Strip First For Club

I’ve never been what you’d call trendy. When I was at work I was the one with the big fat tie knot when everyone else had theirs pulled tight. When everyone was getting into The Jam I bought Marmalade. And the only clubs that will let me in are book clubs. Okay, some people do say that I have a certain street style, but only ‘cos I look like a tramp. Yes, Jean-Paul Gaultier I’m not, but I do know a well turned-out girl when I see one.

Fashions come and fashions go but when it comes to totty, short skirts, black stockings and a bra two sizes too small are always in. So in this month’s ravishing Fashion Issue of Club we’ve tried to give you our own view of the world of hot couture. Slip slowly into Clubland Capers, Phil Strongman’s upside-down look at trendy bastards on the town. Listen to a slice of the latest dance craze, Porno House, discussed in the usual in-depth way in James T Bone’s music column.

Then take a trip through the whirling world of fashion rags with Johnnie Watts. Matt Moore warns of the pitfalls of fancying yourself when he meets the remains of Britain’s most famous male model and thanks his lucky stars he’s an ugly mug. And there’s even a profile of hip lickers Oasis which could be construed as fashionable, but probably not.

Club International UK Volume 24 No 05 (1995)
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