Club International UK Volume 18 No 10 (1989)

Club International UK Volume 18 No 10 (1989)

Club International UK Volume 18 No 10 (1989)
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 47 MB

Club International UK Volume 18 No 10 (1989) Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Published By Paul Raymond Featuring:
Gotcha! Sexy Singer Sinitta Caught With Her Knickers Down!
Bang On Cue! Stink The Pink With Andrea
XXX Film Star Jamie Summers Does The Lot
More Rude Nude Girls Than Any Other Magazine

Dawn is Elizabeth Jay
Elizabeth is Jill Shawntai
Andrea Clarke
Nancy is the covergirl from 17-13 and also possibly Rachel in Knave 21-12
Porn Princess Jamie Summers
Model in pink is Tara Bardot-Jackson

You’ll probably recognize Dawn’s considerable talents from the Holiday Blues pictures in Vol 18 where she was to be seen cavorting wantonly on a beach with a girlfriend. As it turns out. Dawn is no stranger to exotic locations or such stunning company. “I tend to hang around with a fairly racy crowd with lots of money and plenty of time to spend it.

I got to know most of them while I was working in a very posh restaurant in Cheltenham. I used to look at their crowd longing to talk to them, they were all so attractive. One of the girls, Sammy, who has a lovely body, invited me to holiday with them in Greece.” explains 20-year-old Dawn. as she whipped off her t-shirt to catch some rays on her pert golden boobs.

“We all got on awfully well, so well in fact that I developed a really big crush on Sammy. When I told her how I felt about her and desperately wanted to sleep with her. she said that it would be much more fun if we let the others join in too. We all ended up screwing each other in the sand dunes one afternoon. It was great!


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