Club International UK Volume 15 No 07 (1986)

Club International UK Volume 15 No 07 (1986)

Club International UK Volume 15 No 07 (1986)
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Club International UK Volume 15 No 07 is a British softcore pornographic magazine published by Paul Raymond Publications that features pictures of nude women. It is a sister magazine of American magazine Club.

Life At The Top By Debee Ashby
Her Own True Life Story With New Exclusive Pictures
Eight Girl Tug O War Team Get Wet

Hair To Stay – Forget your bald pussies. That lovely black minge of Teresa’s (Vol 15 No 3) is quite the most amazing turn-on your – or anyone else’s -magazine has given me for a long, long time; especially the full-page picture.

To me, the smell of sex is a major stimulation to actually getting it on, and a fanny saturated by the sweet smell of dibble juice is essential for me to get a really good horn going. I’ve shagged a few ‘baldies’ before, and it’s a simple fact that, without the bush for the juices to cling to, you don’t get the same delicious aroma.

And how could any man prefer scratching his chin on stubble to chewing, smelling, biting, breathing and licking his way through a forest in full bloom – especially when it’s attached to someone as heavenly as Teresa? I remember I got off with this girl, a Belgian, in a crowded London pub during the height of the tourist season. She didn’t really have an awful lot to commend her, but it was a Saturday night, it was getting on a bit, and well, you know.


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