Clean Crotch Volume 01 No 02 (1983)

Clean Crotch Volume 01 No 02 (1983)

Clean Crotch Volume 01 No 02 August, September, October 1983
English | PDF | 48 Pages | 131 MB

Clean Crotch Volume 01 No 02 (1983) a Parliament Publication

JODY Page 4
When her old man failed to give her enough cock, Jody decided to let some of the teenage neighborhood boys have a crack at it. She seduces one of the older boys and lets him ream her slick, wet hole!

SANDY Page 13
You’ve got to be a little bit of a whore to stand up in front of a whole stadium of people and entice them with your body. Sandy knows this and wasn’t surprised when one of the coaches reams her in his office!

CARLA Page 26
She’s got a gorgeous figure and a beautiful face, but her school grades stink, so Carla uses her sensual little body to seduce her chemistry teacher and takes his stiff meat all the way up her incredible, slick hole!

LINDA Page 35
She’s never been eaten before and she’s deter-mined to experience that ultimate orgasm from a man’s tongue. All it takes is a little wine and a strip tease for Linda’s male neighbor to begin orally exploring her snatch!

French girls are a special breed of woman. They will do almost anything to get a man who interests them. Danielle shaved her hole and comes on so strong that a black football player balls her in the locker room!

DEBI Page 41
There are some people who don’t take a refusal politely when they’re hot for your body. Debi reluctantly allows a rough criminal on trial to take his pleasure in her body while she is sprawled over her desk!


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