Cinema-X Review January 1980

Cinema-X Review January 1980

Cinema-X Review January 1980 Volume 01 No 01
English | PDF | 100 Pages | 30 MB

Cinema-X Review January 1980 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Covergirl & Centerfold Vanessa Photographed by Ted Snyder
Feature Columns By Erotic Film Stars: Lesllie Bovee, Tina Russell, Juliet Anderson, Erica Eaton
Sex Fiction Bonus! Exclusive Adult Home Movie Reviews!
Erotic Film Reviews: Misbehavin’, People, New York Babes, 800 Fantasy Lane, Pleasure Palace
Gerard Damiano interviewed by Cinema-X
Exclusive Erotic Talent Contest: A Nationwide Search For New Erotic Talent!

7 OUT OF THE CAN Feature film review People by Mitch Berger
18 GERARD DAMIANO Erotica’s genius producer/director talks about his new movie
22 HEAD TO HEAD Sex fiction bonus by Smokey Mimms
26 EROTIC FILM AWARDS The third annual Erotica presentations
31 OUT OF THE CAN Feature film review N.Y. Babes by Lesllie Bovee
44 OPEN CALL An erotic talent forum for future hopefuls
49 VANESSA Our cover girl unfolds
55 PRIVATE STOCK An exclusive review of adult home movies
62 OUT OF THE CAN Feature film review 800 Fantasy Lane by Erica Eaton
79 OUT OF THE CAN Feature film review Misbehavin’ by Tina Russell
89 FAN-FARE Headquarters of the stars
91 RISING STARS Up and coming new talent
92 OUT OF THE CAN Feature film review Pleasure Palace by Juliet Anderson


I’m sure you agree that a magazine dedicated to the much maligned, often misunderstood, but always exciting industry of adult entertainment was seriously overdue. And because I’ve been involved in so many aspects of the industry, including production and directing, I felt that you, as consumer, certainly the key element in this or any commercially successful enterprise deserved more in the way of inside, in-depth information than what is carried casually in the many girlie magazines.

They will occasionally review an X-rated film and will periodically throw in a token interview with a star, but overall their space requirements are dictated by editorial policy, advertisers and a kind of traditional image which easily identifies them as members of the girlie field.

The main thrust of CINEMA-X will be to explore the exciting and talented world of erotic films. We’ll show you the inner workings of the business by introducing you to the personalities who work their asses off in front of, and behind the cameras.

What will separate this magazine from all others is the concept that adult entertainment is a hell of a lot more than just a gorgeous girl in high heels spread seductively across a bed. CINEMA-X will feature all aspects of adult lifestyles such as magazines, burlesque, swing clubs, peep shows, hookers, sexy clothing, adult resorts, and hot spots in general.

In every issue there will be exclusive, straight-forward, no-nonsense feature film reviews by well known talents. We will also include the 8mm home movie market as well. In addition, CINEMA-X will keep you informed of developments in the home video field. For example, video cassettes vary in quality depending on whether they’ve been transferred directly from the “master” or “boot legged” off another tape.

We’ll let you know all about the good, the bad and the ripoffs not only in video, but all adult merchandise generally with emphasis on mail-order.
We especially want you to meet our “Rising Stars,” newcummers, you might say who’ve yet to achieve star billing (or any billing for that matter) but are nevertheless worthy of note in the adult film industry.

Just in case you’ve been wondering why I have chosen not to use the words “porn,” “porno,” or “pornography,” it’s because I’m a believer in the theory that “pornography” is only in the eye of the beholder, just as is beauty. Check the word out in your dictionary sometime and I think you’ll agree that what constitutes “pornography” has absolutely no relation to what good, clean adult entertainment is all about.

Remember all those glossy, glamorous movie magazines? Well, here we are, this time up-tempo and updated to uphold our mutual support of a tremendously important form of media.
Welcome to CINEMA-X—that’s entertainment!


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