Cherry Volume 02 No 02 November 1979

Cherry Volume 02 No 02 November 1979

Cherry Volume 02 No 02 November 1979
English | PDF | 36 Pages | 10 MB

Cherry Volume 02 No 02 November 1979 Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Including Roller Virgin A Ball On Wheels! Poolside Pussy Good Clean Wet Fun. All Models Are +18 Years Old Or More!

Modesty is a learned habit, one which I’ve never acquired. I was pudgy and plain, and flat as an iron. The boys used to make fun of me. They always went for the girls with tits like torpedos. Now that I have filled out, those same egg suckers are salivating for one crack at my crack, so this is my revenge. They can stare all they want, but the only thing they’re gonna eat out are their hearts. I guess I do it for the attention, probably because of those insecure years, when I wasn’t very attractive, but now it’s …

Lucy especially loves flashing around factories and warehouses. “Those poor men are in there slaving day after day doing monotonous jobs, so every once in a while, they need something to brighten up the day. Nothing breaks up the routine like the sight of a naked lady breezing by. I’m sure they go back to their jobs feeling refreshed, alert, and productive, so I’m doing my part to spur the economy. “Another reason I do it is just to watch people’s reaction. The look on a man’s face when he sees tits and ass skate by his window is priceless. I sometimes say, ‘Smile. you’re on Candid Camera’, which really freaks them. But I’m careful about where I flash; after all, I wouldn’t want to cause a traffic accident.”


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