Cheri 1978 Full Year Collection

Cheri 1978 Full Year Collection, Complete Issue For Free To Download In PDF For Adults Only. These issues include articles and photo spreads with Annie Sprinkle, Cherry Bomb, Jill Monro, Honeysuckle Divine, Fanne Foxe, and many more.

Cheri January 1978
Covergirl & Centerfold Carole Noelle
The Cream Of The Nation’s Swingers: Selected By Experts
Sandy Freedom: She Crusades For Nude Beaches
Sin On The Home Screen: A Midnite Blue Portfolio
Nude Punk Superstar: Meet Tish Of The Insalutricus Intercourses

Cheri February 1978
The X-Rated Cookbook: Recipes To Eat Out By

Cheri March 1978
Washington’s New Pussygate Scandal, Why G-Men Own G-Strings!
The Gal With The Man – Made Muff
Memphis-Style Groupies Say He’s The New King!
Bad Bust At Black’s Beach

Cheri April 1978
C-1879-Ohio: A Mildwestern Swinger’s Horny Confessions
Party Time In The Pleasure Dome: The Cheri Gang Doogles Of Plato’s Retreat
The Ballad Of Queen Adrena: Meet The Wrestling Nympho-Maniac Who Broke At Goldstein’s Bones

Cheri May 1978
Here Come Jeff& Man. The Adam & Eve Of Hardcore Mags
New England’s Top Gal Swinger
How To Become A Woman

Cheri June 1978
America’s Only Nudie Mayor Throws Her Bra In The Ring!
You Can Enter Hazel Gravy’s Muffdiving Contest
Our Swinger Of The Month
Sex Is Educational In New Mexico

Cheri July 1978
Rural – Style Swinger Tells Her Story
Meet Misty: Chicago’s Super-Stacked Lenslady
Six Great Photo Shoots By Six Great Photographers
Actress Joan Collins Goes Nude And We’ve Got Her!

Cheri August 1978
Jam-Packed 2nd Birthday Issue
Cherry Bomb and her punks
This Girl Advertises For A Gang of Guys Who’ll Bang Her On Her Birthday.
Lorna Breaks Loose.

Cheri September 1978
Assembly Line Girl: The True Story of America’s Horniest Auto Worker…
Instant Home-Made Swing Films: How Polaroid Is Revolutionizing the Stag Movie
Porfile Of A Blimp-Banger: He Kneads Them Only If They’re Blubbery
Sex Behind The Iron Curtain

Cheri October 1978
Photographed by Warland
Car Wash A Lube Job Will Never Be The Same
French Kissers A First In A Series Of Foxy Frenchies
Sandy Freedom In Jamaica

Cheri November 1978
Low Down on Pin-Ups: West Coast Nudie Scam Exposed!
A Birthday (Suit) Bash at Black’s Beach
Two Sisters for the Price Of One!
’79 Miss Nude World
Gary Osborne interviewed by CHERI

Cheri December 1978
Covergirl Cherry Bomb (Nude)
The Devil Made ‘Em Do It An Indepth Look At the first Family of Satan
Prof. Irwin Corey Diary of A Dirty Old Man
Trucker Groupies Sex On the Big Rigs
X-Rated Xmas Gifts

Cheri 1978 Full Year Collection
English | PDF | 12 Issues | 391 MB



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