Candid Volume 01 No 08

Candid Volume 01 No 08 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Candid Volume 01 No 08 For Adults Only. They eyed me up with hostile glances. I was poaching on their territory. I glared back at them. This was no place for the weak-hearted. It was a jungle of sex and survival depended on your ability to screw. I perched on a stool and ordered a gin and lime. I’d got my oldest mini-skirt on which really gave the menfolk a view. of my thighs, and a see-through blouse which left them in no doubt concerning the quality of my tits. My nipples were like marlin-spikes and I could feel the juices pouring out of my pussy. In spite of my nervousness I was ripe for fucking! Two more gin-and-limes and I was geared up for the job. I wanted a prick. Any prick so long as it was big and stiff, and would shoot seed into me …

Candid Volume 01 No 08
English | PDF | 52 Pages | 80 MB


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