Cabaret Volume 03 Yearbook 1956

Cabaret Volume 03 Yearbook 1956

Cabaret Volume 03 Yearbook 1956
English | PDF | 74 Pages | 22 MB

Cabaret Volume 03 Yearbook 1956 Vintage Adult PDF Magazine. To the world at large, Paris is a frivolous, frolicsome woman—a symbol of exciting rapture and hedonistic joy, of charming elegance and rompish wickedness. In her cabaret life, she is at her naughtiest and her most enjoyable. Download many more magazines issues from 50s for free.

No other place on earth quite matches the nights in the Montparnasse and Montmartre, along the Rue Pigalle and the Champs Elysses. Here the entertainment fare runs the gamut from unrestrained egg headism to outright nudity, from the century-old can-can to Minsky strip tease. To Paris, the city of light and the city by night, CABARET YEARBOOK dedicates this entire issue.

YVONNE MENARD has an offbeat beauty that projects all around her. She is blessed with high cheek bones, champagne bubbles for eyes. Her body has a natural copper color all over. She has the longest, most shapely legs in show business and warm brown hair on which she puts a purple rinse. Her doe-eyed eyes are startling. For all her worldliness and extreme intelligence, Yvonne was …


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