Cabaret No 05 (1956)

Cabaret Volume 02 No 05 (1956)

Cabaret Volume 02 No 05 (1956)
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Cabaret Volume 02 No 05 Vintage Porn Erotic PDF Magazine From 50s. Cabaret The Adult Entertainment Magazine

COVER MONIQUE VAN VOOREN is that popular European breed known as chanteuse. The Belgian-born doll tried her hand at emoting in Tarzan movies before moving into the night club spotlight and becoming a big name vocalist at big hotel rooms from coast to coast. She’s a positive argument in the debate over whether European singers are sexier. Capturing her charms in color for our cover was Bruno Bernard.

AMONG the pundits who cover the bright-light beat along Broadway, Robert Sylvester is a relative neophite as a columnist, having joined the ranks little more than a year ago. However, his sprightly contribution to the pages of the New York Daily News have made him one of the most-read chroniclers in the biggest newspaper in the land in terms of circulation.

This month he furnishes a report to CABARET readers on the two most exclusive niteries in America, the ultra-ultra Stork and El Morocco. Sylvester probes deeply in the profit motives of the two bonifaces who run the clubs and comes …


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