Bust Out July 1994

Bust Out July 1994

Bust Out July 1994
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Bust Out July 1994 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring: Pandora Peaks!Talks About Her New Legit Movie Role
Sexual Contortionist! Lissa Lynn On Stage
Marlena The Body! Seamed Stocking Strip
Tiffany Towers! Slim And Stacked And Oh So Nasty

Pandora Peaks Brejene Lissa Lynn Danniele Ashe Marlena the Body Tiffany Towers Dominique Simone Alexis DeVelle Bethany Bustin Shayne Fawntana

Pandora first graced our pages in the December ’92 issue, and she’s been a very busy girl since. Some of her recent projects have been working for the famed big tit director, Russ Meyer in several productions, including a documentary entitled The Life And Times Of Pandora Peaks. In 1993 she broke into the recording industry in London with two singles. She is also becoming a star in Latin markets, with appearances in Barcelona, Caracas, and other cities in South America.

Q: How was it making movies for Russ Meyer? PANDORA: It was fun, but very professional. Russ has a great imagination, and I liked working for him very much. I also liked appearing on German television with Russ to promote my new films.

Q: Do you have a large fan following in Europe? PANDORA: I’m not as well known in Europe as I am in the States, but my new films will change that.

Q: How long have you been a singer? PANDORA: I’ve always been a singer, but until now it took a back seat to my dancing and acting. I’m very excited about my new singles in England.


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