Bounce No 52 (1991)

Bounce No 52 Vintage PDF Amanda Sinclair Cover & Scans, Zeta Ross Scans, Debee Ashby Scans, Tracy Koppel Scans

As all bouncemen are well aware, breasts are amongst the most precious things we possess — or, rather, our partners do! It occurred to me to wonder the other day, while I was enjoying my first encounter with a glorious pair of 39Ds recently arrived in town (Kelly is their owner’s name, a 22 year old blonde who delights in letting them hang free on our tropical beaches), just how much the delectable frontispieces are capable collectively of earning, and whether anyone had attempted to establish the annual value of the ‘tit industry’.

The money spinning power of the female bust is clearly phenomenal. Just consider the varied forms it takes. Breast mags like BOUNCE, PEACHES and all the others in the Tozerward `stable’, as well as the many (if inferior!) competitors throughout the world, and not ignoring the dailies with their page 3 girls, must represent quite a financial turn-over but are only the start. There are the tit-oriented videos and photo sets like those advertised elsewhere in this magazine …

Bounce No 52 (1991)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 116 MB


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