Bounce No 38 (1986)

Bounce No 38 (1986)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 139 MB

Bounce No 38 Vintage porn pdf magazine from 90s her knockers were knocked featuring Lu Varley Cover Only, Kay Griffiths Single Pic, Donna Ambrose with lucky guy 4 pics & single pic with Debbie Jordan, Debbie Ashby 4 pics, Pauline Hickey Single pic, Shona McTavish, Pages 15-17 and page 36 is Coral Burton AKA Karen Brittain, Pages 33-35 is Toni Shiletto

Perhaps even with a bloke fucking into my hole, or spunking against my rock hard teats, Wowl But that’s the wrong sort of ache — understand? Do you know? My big beautiful boobs — my knockers are being made to ache in a particularly nasty fashion. When I told you what was occurring, about being knocked around, I meant it quite literally.

These huge soft and tender blancmanges of mine, dangling here in front of me — these whoppers that some of you have written saying you’re so fond of — are really getting knocked and bashed about. Banged about, if you like — but in the literal sense again! Oh, I heard you jokers! No, I do not mean I’ve got hooked up with a boxer who uses my bouncers for target practice! It’s in my day-to-day life in the outside world that my huge squelchy mounds are receiving this physical knocking about. Where’s all that old gentle-manly courtesy gone to?


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