Bounce No 02 (1976)

Bounce No 02 (1976)

Bounce No 02 (1976)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 92 MB

Bounce No 02 Vintage PDF Porn Magazine Featuring Sylvia McFarland Cover & Inside

HELLO again! Well how about that then, what did you think of the first issue of Bounce? As far as I’m concerned it was an outstanding success, copies sold out everywhere like hot cakes. For me, as Editor, it was really exciting. Complimentary letters have been pouring in. It seems our format of having women with Bounce tell us of their experiences and illustrating them with our large, busty models is really appreciated by the swelling (now there’s an evocative word) number of Boob Fanciers.

Everyone seems to agree with my title for the magazine. One reader wrote: “I know exactly what you mean by Bounce, my neighbour has it and when she walks everything moves and shakes in that wonderful sexy extra-special way, this really turns me on!” So many of you were enthralled by Rosa’s experience ‘Tycoon for tea and wrote asking if she went back — sorry we’ll have to keep you waiting on that one.

Another large batch of mail came in complimenting us on finding Laurie Bernett whose massive 63″ bust illustrated the title ‘Worth their weight in gold,’ she was, to coin a phrase a huge success! About the story — A reader wrote: “I read this story in Bounce and thought, what a lot of pure fiction this is, it’s absolutely far-fetched. Then by the most amazing coincidence I met a friend who actually met someone who had this experience and had spoken to her about it, so I’m …


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