Bounce Extra No 01 (1989)

Bounce Extra No 01 (1989)

Bounce Extra No 01 (1989)
English | PDF | 68 Pages | 149 MB

Bounce Extra No 01 USA Bra-Busters Bounce Extra Vintage Porn PDF Magazine Published in 1989 Featuring Model Beverlee Hills

I began sliding my hand over her bottom in time with her own hand movements, then slipped a finger between the cleft of her bottom, pressing against the red shorts as hard as I dared. It was getting pretty close to climax pitch for me as I watched her heavy tits moving about under that string vest, whilst she wanked my knob ever nearer to orgasm. I leant over and kissed her gently on the neck. “Please:’ I gasped, “Could you take your top off. If I see those fabulous tits bare, I’ll come straight away.”

I was being a bit pushy here, but I knew that most masseuses like to get the hand relief over with as soon as possible. Jenny thought it over a second, with a slightly puzzled look on her face. It must have been obvious to her that I was close to coming. But with a shrug she removed her hand from my red-hot cock and drew her vest over head, throwing it to the floor before turning to me to finish the ‘job in hand’, as it were. It was a beautiful sight. Her naked breasts were every bit arousing as the glimpses I had beneath the vest —huge, protruding mounds, hanging to her waist.


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