BodyShop Volume 04 No 04 (1967)

BodyShop Volume 04 No 04 (1967)

BodyShop Volume 04 No 04 October November December 1967
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BodyShop Volume 04 No 04 (1967) is published four times a year by American Art Agency, Inc., 7311 Fulton Ave., North Hollywood, Calif. 91605. All rights reserved on entire contents of this issue; nothing may be reprinted in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. Copyright C) American Art Agency, Inc., 1967.

Manuscripts and illustrations must be accompanied by a self-addressed stamped envelope; the publisher cannot assume responsibility for the return of unsolicited material. We do not release any information about or sell photographs of any model appearing in this magazine. Any similarity between persons living or dead and the characters named in fiction or semi-fiction herein is entirely coincidental.

All photographs in this magazine, except those of public figures, are posed by professional models and neither the photographs nor the words accompanying them describe, or are meant to be understood as, the actual personality or conduct of the model. Distributed exclusively by Parliament News, Inc.

Linda Isn’t Billed as the Star of “The Dance of the Seven Veils,” but as “The Veiled Vixen.” She Had Some Good News Recently, for She’s Been Booked for a Long Engagement in a Strip Club and This Will Require Only Two Shows Nightly. Linda Is Looking Forward to the Engagement in Los Angeles, for It Will Allow Her Much More Time for Recreation and She Is a Sun-Lover. Another Reason to Be Glad-She Is a Native of Nearby Santa Monica and She’ll Be Home.


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