Blue Lady No 07 (1984)

Blue Lady No 07 (1984)

Blue Lady No 07 (1984) (Silwa)
English, German, French, Dutch, Danish | PDF | 64 Pages | 42 MB

Blue Lady No 07 Vintage Pornographic Magazine PDF From 80s Published By Silwa

Then he runs his finger like a lance into her ass, overcoming the resistance of her sphincter. “Lady Porno’s” racy belly is dripping with sweat. But Jochen enjoys cleaning the intimous parts with his tongue.

While Jochen’s member is exploring the sweet secrets of her body, “Lady Porno” caresses her swollen clit. The lust spreads over their bodies like ripples, it makes the blood run faster through the veins. They are both fulfilled with the wish to give it all to the partner.

This time it is Klaus, a commercial traveller for books, who walks into the trap. Gloria takes him to her room, and there Klaus can’t resist any longer. That girl’s smile and her horny body make Klaus more and more randy. She shows him her sweet piss hole.

Ulla is looking at the red stand full of pride. Now she wants to have every drop of his fuck cream. After tit-fucking and sucking intensely she spreads the love juice all over her horny body.


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